Mobile Window

16 Jul 2008

VNC for the iPhoneIt is finally here! What I always wanted in a PDA. I am a gadget guy, but not a business type, so I had PDA’s but never used them. My biggest compliant was the lack of power and storage. It seemed silly to me that if you had a company database with 10,000 records and you wanted that info while on the road, you would have first download it to your PDA. Plus, to do a search took a long time with the tiny processor. Or email, why mess with syncing and downloading, when you would have to do the same when you got back home.

My thought is to have a “window” to your desktop. All the power and storage of a desktop, without syncing. Mobile VNC would be perfect, but the interface would be a problem. The iPhone has made it possible with a little help from the app store and Mocha VNC Lite

Automatic Desktop Calendars

01 Mar 2008

automator.gifI have always wanted to have my desktop be my calendar. There was an old System 7, 8 or 9 app called Expresso Calendar, that did the same thing. So I wrote an automator action plus applescript to do the job. Then make action a ical plugin and have it run the first day of the month.

If you find a good place that creates standard size scren calendars and is consistent with the naming let me know. That’s the toughest part. I found a flickr group that had some, but could not get the dates to match up.

Here is the site that I have been getting them from…

The action has this url hard coded into it.

Feel free to improve.

Desktop Calendar Action

More iPhone wallpapers

25 Feb 2008

Two more quick wallpapers for your iPhone. Sorry no ringtones for these.

Kernal Panic


The Wilhelm Scream Compilation

27 Sep 2007

Just read about this in the latest issue of WIRED magazine.

The Wilhelm Scream Compilation

More info here

Kill Bill iPhone Wallpaper

11 Sep 2007

Kill Bill iPhone WallpaperNow that I can have custom ringtones on my iPhone. It is time to make the wallpaper match.

Get the ringtones from the old post.

BarCampOrlando hits 200 plus

31 Aug 2007

Looks like Orlando might just be a contender! I always hoped Orlando would be high-tech city. When I moved here it was going to be the next Hollywood East and I was going to work for some movie company combining my three favorite things in high school; movies, art, and science. I thought it would be great to do special effects. Oh well, doing web design is ok too.

I am excited to meet up with and talk to people about tech face-to-face. If you haven’t sign-up yet, you better hurry. I don’t know when they will cut off registration. I hope this leads to more events like this in the area. Maybe even a Maker Faire!

Hovercraft plans from comicbooks

16 Aug 2007

hovercraft_small.jpgWhen I was kid I was fascinated with the future, I could not get enough of it. I remember thinking that I would be living on a moonbase by the time I was thirty (according to the television show SPACE:1999). I was always ordering things out of the back of comic books; magic tricks, jokes, and plans.

One of my few mail order successes was from a company called “Wijit Works” in California. I had ordered he plans for building 4 complete “space crafts” for $3.95. These were the plans for making hovercrafts out of vacuum cleaner motors. I still have the plans to this day, along with two broken vacuums waiting to transformed into personal space crafts.

BoingBoing Link
WIRED article


01 Aug 2007

pokerhands.gifHere is a quick static PocketMod mod for poker hand rankings. Pretty straight forward, might be useful for people just starting to play. I know I can never remember if a flush is better than a straight.

Go ahead and download it here.

Ice Cream Truck Ringtone

27 Jul 2007

This first thing I did when I got my bluetooth phone was to start uploading ringtones and images.
Here is the Ice Cream Truck wallpaper for my Motorola V551 that I use with my ringtone that I made from this post. I used Audacity to downgrade the mp3 for the phone. Here is the I use.

Right-click to download.

PocketMod Movie Listings

26 Jul 2007

moviemod.jpgFairly Useful, print one out before you go out for the evening. When you and your date are at dinner you can check the times to see if you have time for desert.

You would not believe how difficult is is to find a xml or rss feed for movie showtimes. I mean really, you’d think that would be the first thing in most RSS reader/notifiers. Well I found one using dapper, it was ok, but I had some problems with the feed. So I rolled my own. The new interface is smarter, although I had problems with it hanging, I thought it was my browser, but now I think it was the site. It seems to work much smoother now. For this to work go to and find the 4 or 5 digit code for your movie theater. If you want to see if the dapper works you can test it here. The mod uses the xml feed to load the content.

Download here

If you have any problems check to see it works at first. Scaping is not an exact science.