The Wilhelm Scream Compilation

27 Sep 2007

Just read about this in the latest issue of WIRED magazine.

The Wilhelm Scream Compilation

More info here

Kill Bill iPhone Wallpaper

11 Sep 2007

Kill Bill iPhone WallpaperNow that I can have custom ringtones on my iPhone. It is time to make the wallpaper match.

Get the ringtones from the old post.

BarCampOrlando hits 200 plus

31 Aug 2007

Looks like Orlando might just be a contender! I always hoped Orlando would be high-tech city. When I moved here it was going to be the next Hollywood East and I was going to work for some movie company combining my three favorite things in high school; movies, art, and science. I thought it would be great to do special effects. Oh well, doing web design is ok too.

I am excited to meet up with and talk to people about tech face-to-face. If you haven’t sign-up yet, you better hurry. I don’t know when they will cut off registration. I hope this leads to more events like this in the area. Maybe even a Maker Faire!

Hovercraft plans from comicbooks

16 Aug 2007

hovercraft_small.jpgWhen I was kid I was fascinated with the future, I could not get enough of it. I remember thinking that I would be living on a moonbase by the time I was thirty (according to the television show SPACE:1999). I was always ordering things out of the back of comic books; magic tricks, jokes, and plans.

One of my few mail order successes was from a company called “Wijit Works” in California. I had ordered he plans for building 4 complete “space crafts” for $3.95. These were the plans for making hovercrafts out of vacuum cleaner motors. I still have the plans to this day, along with two broken vacuums waiting to transformed into personal space crafts.

BoingBoing Link
WIRED article

What Steve didn’t say at WWDC 2007

12 Jun 2007

Automator now has a “record” feature, which will be nice to get a quick workflow together. But the best news is the variable support feature for storing values to use in a workflow. Hopefully that can sneak in conditional support before October.

Freshy and WP 2.2 don’t mix

11 Jun 2007

Try to update to WordPress 2.2 the other night. Lost many hours trying to fix my theme. Gave up and rolled back to 2.1.3, I will have to look at finding a 2.2 compatible theme. I haven’t had problems upgrading before. Most of my problems were with sidebar widgets.

30 Boxes To Do List PocketMod too!

04 Jun 2007

30b_todo.gifI created this one the same day as the 30 Boxes Calendar PocketMod, but I was hoping to string out the release dates to make appear like I had a steady stream of development. I did not expect Narendra to respond so quickly.

So here is, just grab the RSS from the to do list popup. Grab the link and replace it your mods.xml and save it.

30 Boxes To Do List
30 Boxes Calendar

Don’t have a 30 Boxes account? Go get one now!
PocketMod App

Daily Cartoon PocketMod

29 Nov 2006

cartoon bankHere is a PocketMod mod that grabs the daily cartoon from, which luckily is a jpeg. The PocketMod app does not allow for importing gifs (sorry, no Dilbert).

Cartoonbank has a strange way of providing the artwork, they name each one as the date, and not the “cartoon_of_the_day.jpg”. I do not know which timezone they are in and when the generate the file. Just wait a couple hours after midnight and you should be fine.

Grab the mod here.

Pumpkin Carving

27 Oct 2006

Snow White PumpkinEach Halloween I try to match Jack O’Lantern to my kids costumes. I have even bought the pumpkin for this year. Time is running out. I usually spend half the night transferring the pattern and cutting and carving. This year each child get their own pumpkin. It just means we have more seeds for roasting!

Anticipation… its making me wait.

23 Oct 2006

Pitch Drop ExperimentA container of pitch has been slowly dripping, this experiment has been running for over 76 years at the University of Queensland. Maybe this can be made into a new kind of clock, one drip every nine years. I love things like this were someone can setup something to last after they are gone. The page seems to have been forgotten, it has not been updated in awhile.

Pitch Drop Experiment