01 Aug 2007

pokerhands.gifHere is a quick static PocketMod mod for poker hand rankings. Pretty straight forward, might be useful for people just starting to play. I know I can never remember if a flush is better than a straight.

Go ahead and download it here.

Extreme time wasters

28 Dec 2006

Sorry, my posting have been off for awhile. Here is the main reason…


It’s the Friday before Christmas weekend. Stop pretending you’re trying to get any work done today. Your boss is either off on vacation already or has her feet up on the desk, waiting for the appropriate hour to sneak off for a “late lunch” and never come back. To help you in your final hours of pre-holiday work, I compiled a list of some addictive online games, easy to play but hard to master. Have hours of fun. Go on, you deserve it.

link to kottke

Line Rider has been the most addictive so far. Just got bought out and will appear on Nintendo systems.

Daily Cartoon PocketMod

29 Nov 2006

cartoon bankHere is a PocketMod mod that grabs the daily cartoon from, which luckily is a jpeg. The PocketMod app does not allow for importing gifs (sorry, no Dilbert).

Cartoonbank has a strange way of providing the artwork, they name each one as the date, and not the “cartoon_of_the_day.jpg”. I do not know which timezone they are in and when the generate the file. Just wait a couple hours after midnight and you should be fine.

Grab the mod here.

Daily Horoscopes

16 Nov 2006

Horoscope pocketmodAdd one part RSS feed from, and a pinch of zodialogical clip-art. And presto! A Horoscope mod. Just edit the description in the xml for your sign and it will grab the correct feed.

I do not believe in astrology, I just can’t get over the fact that other people born the same week that I was are going to get the same advice, like… “Get good news from a friend” or “Now is a good time to ask for a raise”. A friend of mine told the reason that I did not believe in it was because I was a virgo. What? Oh, nevermind.
I have had a sudden burst of module development recently. I won’t have a new ones in while, too busy with the holidays.

PocketMod – standalone flash player

Daily Horoscope – PocketMod module

Micro Maze for PocketMod

31 Oct 2006

PocketMod maze makerMy kids said that the last maze maker was too easy. Here is a new one, micro maze. It will generate a smaller maze. You can still use the original for the younger children.

PocketMod Maze Generator

24 Oct 2006

PocketMod maze maker That is pretty much it. This pocketmod generates a new maze each time you reload it. Uses maze algorithms to generate maze. Download it from the site and grab the xml for your flash PocketMod app.

Here is an example below of a maze generator in one line of code by John Tromp. It hard to see from the post, but the code spells out the word “MAZE”, incredible. Visit his site for more details.

--            E;             J[              E]             =T
[E   ]=  E)   printf("._");  for(;(A-=Z=!Z)  ||  (printf("n|"
)    ,   A    =              39              ,C             --
)    ;   Z    ||    printf   (M   ))M[Z]=Z[A-(E   =A[J-Z])&&!C
&    A   ==             T[                                  A]
|6<<27^rand()||!C&!Z?J[T[E]=T[A]]=E,J[T[A]=A-Z]=A,"_.":" |"];}

(I had to change one character to get wordpress from "eating" the code. It was the caret in front of rand on the last line, it was supposed to be a <)

PocketMod Download Site Update

19 Oct 2006

My PocketMod Site. Sorry for missing a few posts, but I was working on a new design and layout for my PocketMod website. I will be adding a few more next week and decided to give it a face-lift. It was a pain to create a new graphic for each entry. Now it is a bit plainer but, easier to maintain. Plus it now contains a xml snippet to paste into your file.

More games tonight

28 Sep 2006

Sling screenshotFound a very innovative Flash game this evening called Sling. The best games, like this one are simple to play, but a tough to master. It seems every night this week I have been side-tracked with some game. As you can see Sling is extremely addicting, that is why this blog entry is posted so late. It gets kind of frustrating towards the end and you can’t look up the answers for this game like the MM dark movie game.


26 Sep 2006

For over seven years FilmWise has been create the best movie trivia on the internet. My favorites are the “invisibles”, the grab screen captures and remove the people from the scene. I don’t think I ever got a perfect score without some help.

invisibles screengrab

Falling Sand Game

25 Sep 2006

I played this game awhile back. Well, it is more of an interactive solitaire game of physics and I find it very addictive. It is a java applet the allows you to play water, sand, oil, plants, fire, and salt. The are variations that have slugs, explosives, and zombies. They now have a dedicated site and forum.

Falling Sand Screenshot