Mobile Window

16 Jul 2008

VNC for the iPhoneIt is finally here! What I always wanted in a PDA. I am a gadget guy, but not a business type, so I had PDA’s but never used them. My biggest compliant was the lack of power and storage. It seemed silly to me that if you had a company database with 10,000 records and you wanted that info while on the road, you would have first download it to your PDA. Plus, to do a search took a long time with the tiny processor. Or email, why mess with syncing and downloading, when you would have to do the same when you got back home.

My thought is to have a “window” to your desktop. All the power and storage of a desktop, without syncing. Mobile VNC would be perfect, but the interface would be a problem. The iPhone has made it possible with a little help from the app store and Mocha VNC Lite