Mobile Window

16 Jul 2008

VNC for the iPhoneIt is finally here! What I always wanted in a PDA. I am a gadget guy, but not a business type, so I had PDA’s but never used them. My biggest compliant was the lack of power and storage. It seemed silly to me that if you had a company database with 10,000 records and you wanted that info while on the road, you would have first download it to your PDA. Plus, to do a search took a long time with the tiny processor. Or email, why mess with syncing and downloading, when you would have to do the same when you got back home.

My thought is to have a “window” to your desktop. All the power and storage of a desktop, without syncing. Mobile VNC would be perfect, but the interface would be a problem. The iPhone has made it possible with a little help from the app store and Mocha VNC Lite

More iPhone wallpapers

25 Feb 2008

Two more quick wallpapers for your iPhone. Sorry no ringtones for these.

Kernal Panic


Kill Bill iPhone Wallpaper

11 Sep 2007

Kill Bill iPhone WallpaperNow that I can have custom ringtones on my iPhone. It is time to make the wallpaper match.

Get the ringtones from the old post.

What Steve didn’t say at WWDC 2007

12 Jun 2007

Automator now has a “record” feature, which will be nice to get a quick workflow together. But the best news is the variable support feature for storing values to use in a workflow. Hopefully that can sneak in conditional support before October.

Happy Mac Day!

11 Jun 2007

Steve JobsPlease join me on Mac Day by wearing blue jeans and a black turtle neck. We honor his Steveness by donning his likeness. I will have to adjust for seasonal differences and go with a black T-shirt. I love all the rumors and hope at least have of them are true. One of my predictions that has yet to appear is the re-vamp of the Apple website (, they will finally get rid of the colored tabs and go from a white color scheme to a black one. More inline with the iphone sections.

50 Questions about the Apple iPhone

09 Jan 2007

I can’t wait for June! Hopefully more answers will become available as we get close to the release date.

  1. Why do we have to wait for a widescreen video iPod? (You don’t need FCC approval for that.)
  2. Can you use it as portable storage, like the iPods now? As a USB drive?
  3. Can you access/share files via bluetooth?
  4. How about Bonjour for sharing?
  5. How about Bonjour for printing?
  6. Or bluetooth printing?
  7. Support for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse?
  8. Other bluetooth headsets?
  9. How about Bonjour for music sampling?
  10. How about Bonjour for discover other iPhones?
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Mac Donations

18 Dec 2006

Well, thanks to TUAW a saw a lot of web traffic. I hoped it helped some the software developers. I did receive a thank you from David Kocher alá Cyberduck. I hope some of the people from over 6,000 unique visits donated $5 to one of the developers on the list.

Mac Google Gadget Widget

26 Oct 2006

amnesty generator iconThis should tide you over until “dashcode” come out.
Amnesty Generator is a free utility from Mesa Dynamics that converts any Google webpage gadget into a Dashboard widget.

KIP is now YEP

11 Oct 2006

YEP screenshotMac only. YEP is a mac app for organizing your “paperless office”. A friend of mine asked me a few months ago about the very same thing and I had suggested using gallery to scan papers and receipts and upload them to the web application. Gallery allows for keywords and descriptions, and was a better solution than iPhoto, because it was online.

YEP has built in support for scanners and has tagging. YEP is free for now, but the developers will be charging for the next version.

Mac Teleportation

10 Oct 2006

teleport mac os x softwareteleport is a simple utility to let you use one single mouse and keyboard to control several of your Macs. Simply reach the edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your other Mac! The pasteboard can be synchronized, and you can even drag & drop files between your Macs.

more info