Sherlock’s smarter brother

15 Aug 2006

MycroftMycroft Holmes. That was the name of the famous detective’s older brother. It is also the name a project that provides a collection of Sherlock & OpenSearch plugins. I found it by accident when I was looking for a extension to lookups on selected text. I saw the demo of Zimbra and they had a real cool feature. You could create javascript behaviors the scan the page for items to make into links. They call them Zimlets now.

I thought it would be nice to create a custom one for us at work. We do not use Zimbra, I use Thunderbird, and if I could get this working, maybe I could get some converts at work too. I started to search for extensions for Thunderbird and found ConQuery it was for both Thunderbird and Firefox.

From my favorite extensions list… (article)

Best extension you never heard of. You can perform a search by selecting the text and right click to search different search pages. No need to copy and paste. OK, big deal… but have a look at Mycroft take your time (there are over 8,000), I’ll wait. My favorites are wikipedia, IMDB, Digg, Google images, and Amazon.

Once you get the hang of it, you will love it.

Search Extension List (8,000+)

My Firefox Extensions

08 Aug 2006
Addon TitleHere is my current list of must have Firefox extensions. Some are only there for evaulation and get replaced by better ones. For example, I have switched to BetterSearch from GooglePreview, because BetterSearch support

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