Automatic Desktop Calendars

01 Mar 2008

automator.gifI have always wanted to have my desktop be my calendar. There was an old System 7, 8 or 9 app called Expresso Calendar, that did the same thing. So I wrote an automator action plus applescript to do the job. Then make action a ical plugin and have it run the first day of the month.

If you find a good place that creates standard size scren calendars and is consistent with the naming let me know. That’s the toughest part. I found a flickr group that had some, but could not get the dates to match up.

Here is the site that I have been getting them from…

The action has this url hard coded into it.

Feel free to improve.

Desktop Calendar Action

Custom Silk Screened Blank Media

13 Jun 2007

cracked_dvd_print_1.jpgAwesome idea! Too bad the minimum quantities are so high. The samplers are a good value. I hope they can build up a larger library to choose from.


30 Nov 2006

conceptshareConceptShare is an online visual collaboration tool that just got launched. It is gorgeous, not just the design but the workflow and UI. Lots of details, its the layering of tiny brushstrokes that make a masterpiece. It is so good that I am afraid to upload anything, because it would look shabby compared to web application.

PocketMod Download Site Update

19 Oct 2006

My PocketMod Site. Sorry for missing a few posts, but I was working on a new design and layout for my PocketMod website. I will be adding a few more next week and decided to give it a face-lift. It was a pain to create a new graphic for each entry. Now it is a bit plainer but, easier to maintain. Plus it now contains a xml snippet to paste into your file.

Halloween Papercrafts

09 Oct 2006

Just in time for Halloween. Inkjet printers + online pdf = toy maker, ths is one of the things I like about the internet. You can convert a physical item (like an origami model) to a digital format (a pdf), transmit it electronically. Then someone across the world can download it and print it out to create a physical version of the original. It’s a matter transporter!
Paper Forest: Spooky Stuff

Birth of a logo, Part 6

06 Oct 2006

Here is the finished logo with colors. The toy block font came in handy for the website design, I used it as initial caps for section titles. The logo works with and without the signature. It scales well and looks good in one color. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the process of making a logo. The design that I finally arrived at might not appeal to everyone, but the client is happy and so am I.

BCM Final

Birth of a logo, Part 5

05 Oct 2006

Finally getting down to the wire. I change the layout to be horizonal, it is more of a standard ratio now. It looks good with and with out the signature. Once the client chooses, I can start with color, but again I want them to choose the design and be bias on color.

BCM logos

Birth of a logo, Part 4

04 Oct 2006

Now it’s coming together, I still included a simple one, just to make sure that they did not want a simple design, but the blocks won. I bought a font called Toy Box Blocks, much easier then drawing by hand. The organization of elements is still wrong. It looks like four separate elements and not a cohesive logo.
BCM logos

Birth of a logo, Part 3

03 Oct 2006

Well here is were I started getting closer to the final design. I came up with a theme of building blocks and created a quick set of mock-ups to show the client the concept. The blocks are a good idea, but it looks more like a voting ballot check box. Both the client and I are agreed that this is the right direction.
mom blocks

Birth of a logo, Part 2

02 Oct 2006

Back to the drawing board, after the initial logo idea I got some feedback from the client. Since she is endorsing products with her name, I went ahead and added her signature. I scanned it in and cleaned it up in vector format. I created a more traditional label format on the left and created a icon based image on the right. Still not quite there yet.
more logos