Automatic Desktop Calendars

01 Mar 2008

automator.gifI have always wanted to have my desktop be my calendar. There was an old System 7, 8 or 9 app called Expresso Calendar, that did the same thing. So I wrote an automator action plus applescript to do the job. Then make action a ical plugin and have it run the first day of the month.

If you find a good place that creates standard size scren calendars and is consistent with the naming let me know. That’s the toughest part. I found a flickr group that had some, but could not get the dates to match up.

Here is the site that I have been getting them from…

The action has this url hard coded into it.

Feel free to improve.

Desktop Calendar Action

Hovercraft plans from comicbooks

16 Aug 2007

hovercraft_small.jpgWhen I was kid I was fascinated with the future, I could not get enough of it. I remember thinking that I would be living on a moonbase by the time I was thirty (according to the television show SPACE:1999). I was always ordering things out of the back of comic books; magic tricks, jokes, and plans.

One of my few mail order successes was from a company called “Wijit Works” in California. I had ordered he plans for building 4 complete “space crafts” for $3.95. These were the plans for making hovercrafts out of vacuum cleaner motors. I still have the plans to this day, along with two broken vacuums waiting to transformed into personal space crafts.

BoingBoing Link
WIRED article

Wireless Music Player

25 Oct 2006

Here is a project I might try to build, WiMP. I will get to it after I finish building a laptop picture frame. Or after hacking a juicebox.

CSS Lesson

27 Sep 2006

VeerleOne of these days I going to find time to learn CSS. The best way to learn is to have a real project and a deadline. Here is a great tutorial from Veerle on making a css layout from scratch.

CSS Tutorial

P.S. She has great tutorials on illustration too.

Best Paper Airplane

13 Sep 2006

Paper AirplaneAs a kid I loved folding and flying paper airplanes. Everyone should learn how to make the basics. Most people are familiar with the two basics types. The jet, long and skinny folded lengthwise, the first one I learned. The other is the wing glider, short and stubby, the one that has the folded over point.

Of course there are variations on them, but those are the basics. Now take some time and learn a really hard one, a really unique one. One that you can call your own and teach to the next generation. Here is my favorite, it meets all the criteria of a good paper airplane.

  • Looks great
  • Uses one sheet of paper
  • Flies great

Best paper airplane in the world!