Daily Horoscopes

16 Nov 2006

Horoscope pocketmodAdd one part RSS feed from tarot.com, and a pinch of zodialogical clip-art. And presto! A Horoscope mod. Just edit the description in the xml for your sign and it will grab the correct feed.

I do not believe in astrology, I just can’t get over the fact that other people born the same week that I was are going to get the same advice, like… “Get good news from a friend” or “Now is a good time to ask for a raise”. A friend of mine told the reason that I did not believe in it was because I was a virgo. What? Oh, nevermind.
I have had a sudden burst of module development recently. I won’t have a new ones in while, too busy with the holidays.

PocketMod – standalone flash player

Daily Horoscope – PocketMod module



One response to “Daily Horoscopes”

17 01 2008
diane s. (11:18:57) :

You might find that there is more to astrology than what you have looked at. It is a far more complex science when used properly with the right knowledge
and can reveal much about life on all levels if you filter out the nonsense that is not really astrology.

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