50 Questions about the Apple iPhone

09 Jan 2007

I can’t wait for June! Hopefully more answers will become available as we get close to the release date.

  1. Why do we have to wait for a widescreen video iPod? (You don’t need FCC approval for that.)
  2. Can you use it as portable storage, like the iPods now? As a USB drive?
  3. Can you access/share files via bluetooth?
  4. How about Bonjour for sharing?
  5. How about Bonjour for printing?
  6. Or bluetooth printing?
  7. Support for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse?
  8. Other bluetooth headsets?
  9. How about Bonjour for music sampling?
  10. How about Bonjour for discover other iPhones?
  11. How long will it take for Apple to add iTMS purchases directly?
  12. How do you “beam” a contact to another user?
  13. Will it require a .mac account for some features?
  14. Will the email feature stationary, for lists, or other templates?
  15. Can you forward voicemails as email attachments?
  16. Will the bluetooth headset control music functions (pause, play, skip, etc)?
  17. Are there ringtones to buy or can you use iTune songs?
  18. Will you be able to edit them on the phone?
  19. Can ringtones be associated to contacts and calling groups via addressbook?
  20. Can you use voice recognition to call a contact?
  21. Can you use voice to control media features?
  22. Will it support alarms?
  23. Is there a “notes” program?
  24. Can you sketch in it like the old Newton?
  25. What about iCal? (Didn’t see any demo for it.)
  26. What about a widget for iCal todos?
  27. Will you be able to add and remove widgets?
  28. Do you think they wil sell widgets?
  29. Will there be support for third-party widget? (This is a deal breaker for me)
  30. Will Dashcode create iPhone widgets?
  31. How about a wikipedia widget?
  32. Or a wifi hotspot sniffer widget?
  33. Will games be the same as current iPods? (BrainAge would be a good start)
  34. Will there be new networked multiplayer games?
  35. How about a phone finder/discover mode?
  36. Or better yet, mark my contacts/iPhone friends on a live map?
  37. Does it base your location on the zipcode of the cell tower you are in range of?
  38. Will the info be available to other apps?
  39. Is there a flight-mode? (Disable the phone, listen to music, watch movies, and play games on an airplane.)
  40. Can you use the iPhone without a contract?
  41. Will it still be able to dial 911?
  42. If the battery still works after 5 years, can my kid still use to listen to music?
  43. Does the camera record video?
  44. Does the browser support flash?
  45. Will there be support for vnc? (It is built into Tiger now)
  46. How about ebooks or pdf formats?
  47. Will they sync in iTunes or will we use iSync?
  48. Where is the sim card?
  49. How long is the life expectency of iPhone, battery, iTunes music format?
  50. Is Steve’s phone number really 408-996-1010?



3 responses to “50 Questions about the Apple iPhone”

19 06 2007
John Campbell (20:25:06) :

Does the camera record video?

19 06 2007
admin (20:34:53) :

Hi John,

#43 –
It doesn’t look like it at this point. I don’t they will be able to upgrade it either, with a simple firmware upgrade.

I wrote this post a while ago, and most of the questions will be answered when the iPhone comes out or when the 2nd generation phone is available. :)

Only 10 days left!

19 10 2007
DF (08:31:10) :

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