Stikkit Todo Pocketmod

22 Apr 2007

Stikkit imageI had played around with Stikkit when I first read about it, but I didn’t really use it until I read Merlin Mann’s post about using it with Quicksilver.

I created a PocketMod for Todo stikkits.

Download the swf file here

Get you api key here:

Just use as the source in your xml file (substituting you actual api key for the xxxxx’s)

The feeds are not too useful, the best I could do is make a list of the titles. I think Tada Lists are better suited for pocketmod lists. I filter my stikkit list to show only done items. There is no status available via the feed. Also your stikkits would have to one todo per stikkit. The peeps are just as bad, you can get a feed for them but the data is free form so phone numbers are not enclosed in any meaningful tag enclosure.



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