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24 Apr 2007

rtm.gifFor the sake of completeness, I have created a PocketMod for Remember the Milk. RTM has a some very nice features and the ATOM feed is pretty complete. I had some problems with authentication, I also tried to use https, no luck. So your lists will have to be public.

RTM wishlist: Please make SmartLists publishable. I wanted to tag tasks as “public” and then create a SmartList for that tag to feed to my PocketMod.

This PocketMod supports dates and priorities. You can download it from here, RTM PocketMod.


As with all of my hacks you can only use one mod of each type at a time.



15 responses to “Remember The Milk – PocketMod”

16 05 2007
Will (15:44:26) :

Great idea. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the heading for my list shows up, but none of the items within it. Any ideas?

16 05 2007
admin (19:54:52) :

Hi Will,

Is your list public? I can’t seem to get flash to get to connect and authenticate the atom feed. So, your lists must be public.

Check under “Settings” tab, then select “Info”. You should a list of your “Public Lists”.

To make a list public, go to “Tasks”, then select the tab of the list you want to make public. Then select the “Publish” tab and select “Make this list public”.

That should do it then you can copy (right-click) the Atom link for that list and paste it into your mods.xml file.

19 05 2007
Chris (22:30:48) :

Working mostly, though I get three pages in the mod that say “only 12 tasks displayed. list too long, 47 not shown. Any way to handle longer lists?

20 05 2007
admin (23:45:05) :

Glad to hear you got it working. Not sure if a list of 59 items would be readable on one page. I set the font as small as I thought it would be practical. It was meant as a daily list. I could try to make two columns, but that might get kinda confusing and hard to read if some of the text is longer than the others.

You could start with your first list, then could print out one the next day after some of the earlier tasks have been completed.

29 05 2007
gelo (19:22:31) :

Thanks a lot for this Pocketmods. Just i bring you a note: Do you think it’s possible to see more tasks in other pages? like from task 8 to task 15.

6 07 2007
dave (18:04:08) :

I’m having the same problem as Will, but I can’t seem to get any of my items to display either. My lists are public, but I am having some trouble downloading the rtm.swf file. All I get when I try to download it is a page that says it can’t find it in my mods.xml.

8 07 2007
admin (07:13:48) :

You need to use the atom link. Like in the example xml snippet.

2 08 2007
seth woodworth (15:16:06) :

You put the location of mod.xml in the mod folder, now in the app folder. That’s the first problem.

2 08 2007
seth woodworth (15:22:51) :


2 10 2007
wvirnelson (14:14:03) :

Why do you only allow one instance of this mod at a time? I have more than one task list in RTM and would love to see each task list on a separate page of the PocketMod. Any thoughts?

27 10 2007
JeffNot24 (18:26:25) :

I would also like to be able to use multiple Atom feeds from Remember The Milk. I multiple Smart Lists and can use Atom to retrieve them. But I can’t get your RTM Pocketmod customization to work on more than one. Any chance you will work on this? I assume it’s tech nically difficult.

Thanks … Jeff

29 10 2007
admin (03:04:27) :

Hi Jeff,

Like I mentioned, Smart Lists are not “publishable”. Meaning they are not public. The are authorized. Right now there isn’t a way for flash to authenticate and get access to the ATOM feed, unless is public.

11 04 2008
Tommy (03:25:47) :

Using more than one atom feed would be great. Any chance on getting there?
Or is there a way to get the source code for the mod to try it on my own?

Maybe extend the xml tag having a comma separated list of URLs in the “desc” field?


9 10 2008
Heather (12:38:57) :

Please – Is there any way to customize this to use the app multiple times? it would be a lifesaver if I could print multiple lists…

27 02 2009
Kelly (12:00:40) :

Would love to be able to print all tasks in a list, rather than tasks that are due today. This would be absolutely invaluable!!

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