Print 30 Boxes Calendar as a Pocketmod

04 Jun 2007

30b_cal.gifJust try to provide the complete set of online calendar and to-do list Pocketmod print modules. This one, like all the others use your RSS feed to get the content.

Use something like this in your “mod.xml” ;

Get the feed url for you calendar under the SHARE button and get the link for the RSS feed.

Download Site

For those of you keeping score the list so far:

  • Tada
  • Stikkit
  • Remember The Milk
  • Google Calendar



6 responses to “Print 30 Boxes Calendar as a Pocketmod”

4 06 2007
sfo (00:48:44) :

Hi, I wanted to use your idea for a Toodledo calendar pocketmod, but I have not figured out how you parse the info and put it into an .swf file. Can youi provide a tutorial on how you made this one or the Google cal mod?

4 06 2007
Narendra (11:03:11) :

Thanks for including 30 Boxes. Could you also include a module for 30 Boxes To Do lists. There is an RSS icon at the top of to do lists (the big button with the check mark) that gives the feed for the current list being displayed.

That would be awesome.

4 06 2007
admin (19:00:10) :


I am not really a programmer, but I am really good at cut ‘n paste. :)

Google “xml parsing actionscript” and that should give you plenty of info.

Load XML:

function getTodo(todoXMLurl) {
var todo = new Array();
todo_xml = new XML();
todo_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
todo_xml.onLoad = function(sucess) {
if (sucess) {
} else {
showError("Error loading xml. Check you public feed or network connection.");

Slap it into an array:

function parseTodo(xmlDoc_xml) {
temp = new Array();
parentNode = xmlDoc_xml.firstChild;
listTitle = parentNode.childNodes[0].childNodes[0].firstChild;
for (var a = 6; a

4 06 2007
4 06 2007
admin (19:27:43) :


I had seen Toodledo mentioned on LifeHacker but saw that they had already created one.

29 11 2007
Bama (17:29:56) :

Yes, but the Toodledo booklet content is awful, and the formatting is too. I have been tinkering with it, trying to get it imported here with no luck. This rePocketmod is so much nicer if there were only a swf file for it…….


Thanks for the great s’ware!

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