Ice Cream Truck Ringtone

27 Jul 2007

This first thing I did when I got my bluetooth phone was to start uploading ringtones and images.
Here is the Ice Cream Truck wallpaper for my Motorola V551 that I use with my ringtone that I made from this post. I used Audacity to downgrade the mp3 for the phone. Here is the I use.

Right-click to download.



6 responses to “Ice Cream Truck Ringtone”

5 08 2007
Televator (07:09:36) :

For ringtones I use this free tool
Obviously doesn’t do as much as Audacity but for online tool it’s good.

19 04 2009
charlie (13:55:22) :

How can I get this ring tone applied to my phone, my service is with nextel and I have an i9 phone, what do I need to apply for this ring tone.

19 04 2009
admin (14:05:38) :

The file is an mp3 so it shouldn’t matter. Do you have a way to transfer files to your phone? I used Bluetooth to move files to mine.

2 06 2009
random person (18:17:27) :

the ringtone is a little not very clear.

2 06 2009
admin (23:00:39) :

@random person: It is intentionally bad audio! That is what was so great about the old ice cream trucks. They really awful sound systems, you could recognize the sound blocks away.

30 06 2009
charlie (13:26:17) :

Can I down load this ring tone to my nextel phone i9

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