Kill Bill Ringtone

06 Sep 2006

This first thing I did when I got my bluetooth phone was to start uploading ringtones and images.

Kill Bill Cellphone Wallpaper

Here is the Kill Bill wallpaper for my Motorola V551 that I use with my ringtones that I made from the soundtrack. I used Audacity to convert the CD track to an mp3 for the phone. Here are the two audio files that I use.

Is this considered fair-use?



6 responses to “Kill Bill Ringtone”

7 09 2006
Dany (04:23:04) :

Sounds great :-D

15 11 2007
JetLegs (12:36:46) :

Thank you fot this ultimate ringtone :)!

I have search for 4 hours to find this ringtone.. and now i’ve got it – finaly !

Thank you sooo much !

XXX JetLegs

7 01 2008
frode (07:00:41) :

this is gooood!

8 02 2008
aintmisbehavin420 (22:04:50) :

Thanks so much! Sounds badass!!!!!

7 06 2008
captaingelo (10:30:34) :

amazing ringtone! More than I bargained for.

7 11 2009
ramji (00:02:26) :

wow! superb., got after searching for a very long time.,

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